First part of the story can be found here. The crossing between Dolpa1 and Mugu districts is more than just a jump over an administrative border. We have been walking for eight days, oscillating between 3000 and 5600m in untouched wilderness, watched over by glaciers, climbing treacherous slopes and crossing wild rivers. After some time, the strength of the raw Himalayan nature can feel overwhelming. I must admit I somehow feel happy to finally reach the village

Since I came back from my first trek in Nepal four years ago, I’ve been fascinated by the work of Eric Valli, a French photographer and film maker famous for his work on Dolpo, one of the most remote regions of the Nepalese Himalayas. While researching for this long-term voyage, I was secretly hoping to find a way to get there. Experiencing Dolpo with my own senses was a dream. One day, on my Facebook

It has been pouring with rain since the early morning in the little town of Bimthang, in the Manaslu Conservation Area, where I’m writing these notes. Monsoon has been looming over us for a while, transforming the summits I wanted to photograph into cloud magnets. Eventually, the dreaded bringer of rain has arrived, just one day after we crossed Larke pass, probably one of the most fulfilling day on this trek. Looking through the window of

My pants are still too large. The few days spent in Kathmandu were clearly not enough to catch up on fat, but if I want to get a chance to photograph Buddha’s birthday’s celebration in a remote Buddhist village of the Tsum valley, I have to go now. From the town of Soti Khola, three long days of walk in the heat of the jungle will lead us to Chumling, the first village of the

After a failed attempt to reach Makalu base camp, I was afraid of what could happen on the way to Kanchenjunga south and north base camps. Situated at the east of Nepal and bordering with Sikkim, India, Kanchenjunga is the 3rd highest mountain in the world. This of course sounds attractive for someone in love with the mountains like me. However, it’s just next to Makalu and so far the weather kept on being nasty.

Often do photographic opportunities show up when you expect them the least. Being able to recognise and seize these opportunities is an important part of our photographic journey and a skill one can acquire quickly while traveling by simply being observant and open at anytime. When Lost Earth Adventures and I agreed to cooperate on documenting the Makalu base camp trek in the Nepalese Himalayas, I only had a rudimentary idea of what I would

Following the recent earthquakes that shook Nepal a few days ago, I started a campaign to raise funds in order to help the survivors through Karuna-Shechen organization. This operation has been launched but was approximate, a bit panicked, because I knew that I had to be fast if I wanted to be able to raise funds for such an event. When I launched this campaign, I contacted my friend Cindy Jeannon asking her if she