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Photographer Julien Fumard on a reindeer in Mongolia


French photographer based in Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France, my work focuses on nature and the adaptation of traditional lifestyles to inhospitable environments and modernity. Whether it’s documentary or landscape photography, I focus on remote areas such as the Himalayas, the Alps or the Arctic.

Over the past ten years, I have lived for several months in total immersion in various communities, developing a strong capacity to adapt, often at the other end of the Earth and cut off from the world.

I am currently working on a long term project about the Himalayas and it’s Bhotiya culture.


WhatsApp / Phone: +33 6 43 77 59 60
E-mail: [email protected]


2022 ON LANDSCAPE #253 (UK) – Featured Photographer, photos w/ interview
2021 VOILES & VOILIERS (France) – Expédition Polaire Unu Mondo, photos
2021 BLACK+WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY #254 (UK) – Spiritual Holiday, photos w/ interview
2021 SCHWARZWEISS #141 (Germany) – Kami & Buddhas: Ein Essay Über Japan, photos w/ interview
2019 NATURFOTO #12-2019 (Germany) – Irdische Mondlandschaften, photos w/ story
2019 MONTAGNES MAGAZINE #468 (France) – Le Tour du Mont Blanc par les Glaciers, photos
2019 MONTAGNES MAGAZINE #465 (France) – Mes Premiers Pas d’Alpiniste, photos w/ story
2019 GEO PLEIN AIR Mars/Avril 2019 (Canada) — De l’Alpinisme à Couper le Souffle, photos w/ story
2019 REPONSES PHOTO #322 (France) — Explorer l’obscurité, double spread about night photography
2018 WIDER MAG #41 (France) — L’Alpinisme ou l’Art Bipolaire de la Plénitude, photos w/ story
2017 ALPINE MAG (France) — Une Vie de Yourte, photos w/ story
2017 MONOVISIONS — Himalaya: Titans of Light & Shadow
2017 SCHWARZWEISS #117 (Germany) — Himalaya: Titanes aus Licht und Schatten, portfolio
2016 SIDETRACKED (UK) — Life in a Ger, photos w/ story
2016 GDT FORUM NATURFOTOGRAFIE #4|2016 (Germany) — Himalaya: Titanes des Lichtes und der Schatten, portfolio w/ story
2016 TERRE SAUVAGE #335 (France) — Double spread on Lofoten Islands, Norway
2015 NAT’IMAGES #35 (France) — Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière, portfolio w/ interview


2016 Phot’Aubrac (France) — Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière
2016 Lycée Photo Nature (France) — Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière
2015 Montier-en-Der International Festival (France)— Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière
2015 Hauteville-Lompnes Nature (France) — Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière
2015 Images & Neige (France) — Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière


2016 MONOCHROME AWARDS — 1st place winner, Landscapes
2016 MONOCHROME AWARDS — Honorable mention, Landscapes
2016 MONOCHROME AWARDS — Honorable mention, Abstract
2015 BIO PHOTO CONTEST — Highly commended