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Photographer Julien Fumard on a reindeer in Mongolia

Based in Provence, in the south of France, Julien is a photographer focused on nature and traditional lifestyles in harsh environments. After living a love story with the arctic lights of northern Norway where he settled down and discovered his passion for photography, he happened to fall into the arms of the Himalayas. Since then, whether it is landscape or documentary photography, he has focused his attention on remote and high altitude areas, in the Himalayas as well as in the Alps.


2022 ON LANDSCAPE #253 (UK) – Featured Photographer, photos w/ interview
2021 VOILES & VOILIERS (France) – Expédition Polaire Unu Mondo, photos
2021 BLACK+WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY #254 (UK) – Spiritual Holiday, photos w/ interview
2021 SCHWARZWEISS #141 (Germany) – Kami & Buddhas: Ein Essay Über Japan, photos w/ interview
2019 NATURFOTO #12-2019 (Germany) – Irdische Mondlandschaften, photos w/ story
2019 MONTAGNES MAGAZINE #468 (France) – Le Tour du Mont Blanc par les Glaciers, photos
2019 MONTAGNES MAGAZINE #465 (France) – Mes Premiers Pas d’Alpiniste, photos w/ story
2019 GEO PLEIN AIR Mars/Avril 2019 (Canada) — De l’Alpinisme à Couper le Souffle, photos w/ story
2019 REPONSES PHOTO #322 (France) — Explorer l’obscurité, double spread about night photography
2018 WIDER MAG #41 (France) — L’Alpinisme ou l’Art Bipolaire de la Plénitude, photos w/ story
2017 ALPINE MAG (France) — Une Vie de Yourte, photos w/ story
2017 MONOVISIONS — Himalaya: Titans of Light & Shadow
2017 SCHWARZWEISS #117 (Germany) — Himalaya: Titanes aus Licht und Schatten, portfolio
2016 SIDETRACKED (UK) — Life in a Ger, photos w/ story
2016 GDT FORUM NATURFOTOGRAFIE #4|2016 (Germany) — Himalaya: Titanes des Lichtes und der Schatten, portfolio w/ story
2016 TERRE SAUVAGE #335 (France) — Double spread on Lofoten Islands, Norway
2015 NAT’IMAGES #35 (France) — Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière, portfolio w/ interview


2016 Phot’Aubrac (France) — Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière
2016 Lycée Photo Nature (France) — Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière
2015 Montier-en-Der International Festival (France)— Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière
2015 Hauteville-Lompnes Nature (France) — Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière
2015 Images & Neige (France) — Himalaya: des Titans d’Ombre & de Lumière


2016 MONOCHROME AWARDS — 1st place winner, Landscapes
2016 MONOCHROME AWARDS — Honorable mention, Landscapes
2016 MONOCHROME AWARDS — Honorable mention, Abstract
2015 BIO PHOTO CONTEST — Highly commended