Last Saturday, while browsing my facebook timeline, I saw a message from my friend Suzan : “We are safe but many people died and big houses fell down in Kathmandu” along with a photograph of the kids of his orphanage and his family outside. They spent the following nights there, under a sole canvas sheet, as many other people did in Nepal, … maybe the “luckiest” of them considering what happened. It is still hard to

A bit of nostalgia today. Exactly one year ago, in Boudhanath, Buddhists from Kathmandu were gathering by thousands to celebrate Buddha enlightenment day. During the night, the devoted Buddhists would turn around the stupa 108 times while reciting mantras. It could take until the following morning. However, for the younger ones, this was more an occasion to spend a night with friends and even sometimes date

Previously Night is passing without a hitch. We have a quick breakfast and a paracetamol tablet around 4AM then leave the camp in total darkness. Today is The Day and excitement is felt. Everybody is tired but thinking that in a few hours we will be Up There gives us wings. Last climb: Thorong-La pass The climb is tough and carried out in absolute silence. I am cradled by the feeling of my quick but regular heartbeat

After the gorgeous Langtang trek, I kept thinking about a face to face with Himalayan summits again. A few days later I give a call to a new friend I just met, Dan: “What a coincidence, I planned to leave for the same place the exact same day!”. That’s how I am about to begin a whole new adventure, the Annapurna Circuit. And the adventure starts quick enough with a young lady particularly sensitive to

Beyond the spiritual aspect of Nepalese cities with their numerous temples and places of worship, I feel more and more tempted by the transcendental vision for which men dedicated their life, sometimes even sacrificing it. The carriers of this vision are recognized by their massive stature and bad character and called Himalayas. They have become the object of my desire.   The trek starts from Saphru Bensi early in the morning. The first steps are the most difficult.