Lights of a piercing sun in Lofoten, Norway

His Majesty The Almighty Weather

Of course, it could not be so simple. Great weather, clear night skies and auroras for my first days in Lofoten, … “Come on! Did you really believe it would last like this for ever? Wake up boy, you’re above the Arctic circle, and furthermore in october”. Then The Almighty Weather decided it was enough easy moments, became angry and decided it was time for a lesson of humility. A lesson I have had time to assimilate during this whole week under my tent, a sham protection against the elements…

Autumn colors in Lofoten, Norway

Everything began when I stepped out of the bus. Almighty Weather decided I should begin the initiation under a good old storm. As I was walking towards the beaches I wanted to visit, I passed by a range of mountains: ‘The Blowers’. Each time I passed by them, a strong wind hit me on the side, sometimes so strong that I could barely stand still – quite scary when you’re walking on a bridge.

Lights of a piercing sun in Lofoten, Norway

The sky was grey, dark grey. ‘The Blowers’ were blowing hard and a thousand drops of rain fell onto me, trying to make my clothes wet. But I was well protected and determined. I didn’t fear them, neither I really feared the gale. My uttermost dread at this moment was the inability to take a good picture for the next week. This was however because I was still fresh and ready to fight the elements, as a young ignorant would have been. “Fight the elements… Ha! Ha! Ha! Then what would you think of a full week of strong winds and rain?”. And then the week of wind and rain was.

Waves in Kvalvika beach in Lofoten, Norway

Tire on the beach in Kvalvika beach, Lofoten, Norway

Thus I went on the wonderful beach of Kvalvika for a couple of days, as if nothing happened. This place is quite famous since some surfers built a hut and went surfing for the whole winter here a couple of years ago. The beach wass a hidden jewel with plenty of hikes all around. However His Majesty the Almighty Weather was stubborn and sticked to His idea.

Crushing waves in Kvalvika beach, Lofoten, Norway

Waves in Kvalvika beach, Lofoten, Norway

The tent was shaking day and night, gales coming from another direction every time. North, south, west, … Anywhere I pitched it, there was no way to escape. Then I found out there was a stream forming under me because of the rain. I had to move, again… “Ok I admit it, oh Almighty Weather, you are the strongest. I apology for this pathetic rebellion and from now on I will submit myself to your rules”. But it was too late for such an apology.

Kvalvika beach in Lofoten, Norway

Sand reflections on Kvalvika beach in Lofoten, Norway

Then I had to be patient and ready to jump out of my forever-shaking tent as soon as His attention was caught somewhere else, which let me a couple of occasions to make some interesting shots, especially playing with the lunar textures of the sand and the reflections of the surrounding mountains on the wet beach. But the light was still missing… He won this battle, but not the war…

Magic sunset in Å, Lofoten, Norway

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