Northern Lights in Bunes beach, Lofoten, Norway

Feels Like Summer Time

Sleeping at Oslo airport has been nothing but a delight. I must have spent something like one hour in the kingdom of Morpheus, sitting between two darned snorers, trying to fall asleep with some music while my head was falling on one side or the other. Anyways, I eventually reached the flight to Bodø from which I took the – almost empty – ferry to Moskenes, Lofoten.

As crazy as it might sound, I have rarely seen such a sky in this area of Norway. Blue. I mean, really blue. Not a single cloud. It feels like summer time here. A perfect weather for an easy arrival, falling asleep and dreaming of these islands appearing bigger and bigger every time I open my eyes… before falling asleep, again.

Sunset from the ferry Bodø-Moskenes

As the boat reaches the little harbor of Moskenes, I can feel this strange snesation that comes to me at the beginning of every new adventure. A mix of curiosity, happiness and one of the few moments I can totally feel free from oppression, simply seizing the moment.

My first destination will be Bunes beach. After another enjoyable ferry trip to Vindstad, a typical village in the middle of nowhere, a short walk leads me to this unbelievable place. Stuck between two massive rocky cliffs, the beach is stretching for more than 500 meters until it finally reaches the sea. I still do not understand how such a geological formation can happen, but understanding this will definitely not be the subject of my bivouac. So much things are to be photographed, I need to quickly pitch my tent, enjoy the solitude of the place for a moment and go to work.

Bunes beach turquoise waters and massive stone wall

Textures and colors in Bunes dunes, Lofoten, Norway


Contrast of dunes and rock wall in Bunes beach, Lofoten, Norway

During the first night here I have not been really conscious of how lucky I was to have such a weather – usually frustrating for photographers for its absence of clouds – but the mistake has been quickly fixed the second night. At first, stars began to show up little by little, shyly, giving me in the end the clearest sky I have ever seen. But the welcome party did not stop here. A few minutes later, it looks like faint glows are taking form over the sea. Could it be northern lights? No way! I just arrived and enjoyed so much beautiful things these few days, it can’t be. Well, it is, darling.

Night sky in Bunes beach, Lofoten, Norway

Northern Lights in Bunes beach, Lofoten, Norway

Bluffed by the last two days, I leave Bunes paradise for another. It is time for a last “homemade instant coffee” on Vindstad beach before taking the ferry back to Reine. Following the advices of a local (Sandro, if you ever read me…), I will spend this night on the top of the hill. Once again, I will be enthralled by so much beauty. Imagine pitching a tent upon a hill dominating at the same time a town, the sea and a gorgeous fjord. It is a strange sensation but I kinda like it. And once the morning lights show up, the autumnal birches explode with colors. A delicious spectacle.

Autumnal colors of a birch in Reine, Lofoten, Norway

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