Fine art travel photography of Røros by night, Norway by Julien Fumard

To the Border of Arctic Territories

After Trollstigen‘s surprise we have the need to leave for a more genuine place. Røros seems to be an interesting opportunity : Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980, Røros is pretty famous for its mining past and the remaining traditional wooden houses standing here. It is almost night when we arrive and the magic happens almost instantaneously. I am not afraid to say that this village is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful towns in Norway!

 Fine art travel photography of Røros by night, Norway by Julien Fumard

After a night spent on the border of a major road, we leave Røros under the rain (yes, once more) and take the road to Trondheim, 3rd biggest city in Norway. Despite the weather this town is really warm and welcoming, which is kind of rare in Norway :)

The main attraction is without any doubt the half-gothic half-roman cathedral of Nidaros built on the grave of Saint Olav, a Norwegian king particularly renown for Norway’s christianization. This building is the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world and probably the most impressive cathedral in Norway.

 Fine art travel photography of Nidarosdomkirken in Trondheim, Norway by Julien Fumard

Fine art travel photography of Nidarosdomkirken in Trondheim, Norway by Julien Fumard

A bit further, one can quickly discover a quieter and more typical place. The old docks, crossed only by a couple of people and some bicycles are a really nice place to sit down for a moment and contemplate the old wooden buildings along the river. 

Fine art travel photography of the old docks in Trondheim, Norway by Julien Fumard

The main road to the north is not really interesting. We then drive through a small mountain road that leads us to the beginning of Swedish Lapland. Unfortunately fog is so dense that we barely see something. Too bad as what we see seems to be really beautiful! We plant our tent next to an old uninhabitated hytte for the night. After a short sleep and a rainy awakening, a pretty good surprise awaits us : a flat tire. No other solution than to find the closest open garage, which is 150 kilometers further.

As I often say, there is always something good happening in a bad moments. This is exactly what happened. Once the tires replaced — we changed them entirely as the two front tires were totally worn, Iceland did not help ;) — we take the road to Norway and enjoy quite a nice sunset in a typical and wonderful landscape along a lake… With all the hungry mosquitoes that come with it : photography is definitely a sport! :)

 Fine art landscape photography of swedish Lapland, Laponia, Sapmi, Sweden by Julien Fumard

After a long road we finally cross the famous Arctic Polar Circle. This symbolic place, as one can expect, is not particularly interesting except from the numerous cairns made by the thousands of people crossing it.

Fine art travel photography of norwegian arctic polar circle, Norway by Julien Fumard

We then continue the road to the north and stop in a really calm, serene and beautiful place along the see with big mountains in the background. Seems like Lofoten islands are getting close!

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