Fine art travel photography of Inari's Sámi parliament under northern lights in Finland

The Successful Aurora Hunt

After the pathetic and frustrating aurora hunt we had yesterday, tonight will be the occasion for a pleasant   and traditional meal from my home country, a good old raclette whose caloric surplus will certainly be useful for the forthcoming days. I decide to go look for my new photographer colleague, Jamie, sitting in the pub and sipping a pint of Lapin Kulta, the famous Lapland beer (brewed in Poland…). “Nothing to see tonight despite the clear sky” he says, with a bit of sadness in his look. “Too bad, it would have been great to be able to enjoy big northern lights for your last day in Inari!” I answer, with a sarcastic/sadistic tone…

After a few moments discussing about photography, we leave the pub and head to the holy raclette. But something strange is happening up in the sky. “These moving shapes … Aren’t they northern lights by chance?” he says. “Holy cr*p! If we can see them even with the city lights, that means that they are really powerful!”. Here we go, both on different ways, running everywhere in order to find the best possible spot.

 Fine art landscape photography of a red house under northern lights in Inari, Finland

Breathless, I make my first shot. The intensity of the auroras is incredible. That reminds me of the solar eruptions I had the chance to enjoy in Tromsø last year. A little bit less powerful though, but tonight auroras are far more massive than what I have had the chance to see so far. They literally fill the sky from north to south. Icing on the cake, the moon’s light and shape adds a certain magic touch to this stellar landscape. This is a delight that sometimes shades off for a few minutes, only to start once again, better than before.

Fine art landscape photography of northern lights and moon in Inari, Finland

Fine art landscape photography of northern lights in Inari, Finland

I feel suddenly guilty I left my colleagues in the kitchen while I am here, enjoying and photographing this marvelous sky. However, I quickly notice that they are also enjoying the show from the roof of our apartment. Phew! I feel relieved and can now continue to enjoy without any remorse. I then head to the Sámi parliament. I have been thinking of photographing it under northern lights for quite a long time. If I can not do that today, considering how intense the lights are, that means that I will never be able to do it. Again, I enjoy with passion the ultimate instant of this gorgeous show before the sky dresses up in his black coat again.

 Fine art travel photography of Inari's Sámi parliament under northern lights in Finland

After driving through Finland and Norway without any hint of success, we finally have the best show ever right here, in our village … Isn’t it crazy? :)


  • 22/01/2013


    Superbe série, Julien !!! elles sont magnifiques et tu les as très bien captées. Et, puis, tu as pu brûler les calories de la raclette dans le froid extérieur ;)

    • 22/01/2013

      Merci beaucoup Paul!
      Concernant les calories, maigre comme je suis j’ai bien peur de nécessiter au moins une raclette par jour pour pouvoir survivre à l’hiver finlandais … A bon entendeur … ;)

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