Sunset and rainbow in Malin Head, Ireland

Sunshine Waits For No One

I have waited for a long time for the Irish Golden Lights – these famous lights lusted after by many photographers, giving a golden and magical hue to landscapes. After a long wait they finally came when I did not expect them, offering me a show better than anything I could think about.I have already been waiting for them for a couple of weeks. Usually late to photograph this moment at its best, this time I made my possible to enjoy them fully, waking up every morning around 5AM and going to bed after 11PM; I did not give me the opportunity to sleep very much. This was however not enough but I will certainly not complain about it. The moments I lived while waiting for them have been wonderful, being alone in an half sleepy nature or on its way to slumber, contemplating a show with the power to empty my mind from every single negative thought. This is after all one of the reasons I like landscape photography.

Sunbeams making patterns on sea in Slieve League, Ireland

Sun beams hitting the cliff on Slieve League in Ireland

Then I had no choice but to photograph under some shy morning and evening lights or those more dramatic of a dark cloudy sky, illuminating snippets of landscape through an opening of sunbeams. I even sometimes dared – blasphemy – to make photographs under the harsh light of mid-day’s sun…

Silver beach in Ireland

Fanad Head's lighthouse in Ireland

rugged cliffs of An Port in Donegal, Ireland

Sunshine waits for no one, that is certain, but you can definitely wait for it. As I stand on a shingle beach of the northernmost part of Ireland, ready to clean the dishes of a quick dinner, I give a hopeless look to the wonderful shaped rocks beside me. The recent showers I had to suffer made me pessimistic for tonight but I can clearly see the them becoming red, a deep red. After a few seconds it becomes clear for me and I catch my gear in a hurry: “This is the right time!”. Little by little lights move from red to yellow, giving to the beach this golden hue I have been searching for so long, offering me as a background a bright and colorful rainbow. Here comes this long awaited moment. Patience has once more been rewarded and another lesson of life is then learnt through photography.

Sunset and rainbow in Malin Head, Ireland

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