Fine art landscape photography of Viðareiði, Viðoy, Faroe Islands byJulien Fumard

A Quick Stop in Faroe Islands

Time flies. We started to explore Icelandic grounds one month ago, already. We now have to sail back to Denmark but before, let’s stop halfway between Iceland and Norway and visit Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands compose an archipelago of 18 islands and are a self governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark. However the main language here is not Danish but Faroese, a language rooted in Old Norse, pretty close to Icelandic. But as well as in Iceland and Scandinavia, most people here speak perfect English which makes our trip far easier :)

Between two boats we have the opportunity to visit this archipelago (only a part of it actually) for two days and a half. We make our first steps through the streets of the capital city : Tórshavn. We quickly notice a big difference with Iceland here. Streets are crowded and roads are far from being empty. It is not India of course, although quite disturbing at the beginning. We are not used to see that much human beings anymore. And what a mess to find your way out of the city! Road signs must be really expensive here as the few we see are so tiny that they are almost impossible to read… 

Fine art travel photography of Tórshavn, Eysturoy, Faroe Islands byJulien Fumard

Tórshavn can be a good beginning to visit Faroe Islands. It is however not really representative of Faroese culture. If you really want to visit Faroe Islands, take a car or whatever vehicle and drive. Roads are in a far better shape than their Icelandic namesakes and lead to most villages, always standing in a bay or along a fjord. Despite the lack of sun, the few sunbeams that dare fighting the thick and unshakable layer of clouds gives a touch of magic to the surrounding green and grey mountains.

Fine art landscape photography of Faroe Islands by Julien Fumard

Forget trees and bushes. Everything here is turf, stone and water which is exactly what makes the difference. Those green steep fjords give to Faroe Islands a particular landscape that makes them unique. Add this to the charm of the small Faroese villages with their black wooden turf-roofed houses and you get an excellent cocktail of genuineness. I found however that this beauty is not really easy to understand, in a photographic point of view.

Fine art travel photography of Gjógv, Eysturoy, Faroe Islands byJulien Fumard

Fine art travel photography of Saksun, Streymoy, Faroe Islands byJulien Fumard

It took me a moment : the charms of Faroese landscapes and villages are hidden. At the beginning, everything is cold, grey, rainy and windy. It is quite difficult to appreaciate any kind of beauty under those circumstances. But time passes and you suddenly notice something that catches your attention. Then another. And then you stand in the best of what Faroe Islands can offer. In a matter of seconds you finally understand the true beauty of the place and everything becomes magical. Not the kind of magic that you get in Iceland where every landscape looks like it is coming from another planet, but a “shy” magic, soft and serene. 

Fine art landscape photography of Viðareiði, Viðoy, Faroe Islands byJulien Fumard

Once you understand this magic, it is difficult to admit that you have no more than a couple of hours left before leaving the place. Two days and a half are definitely not enough to fully enjoy and understand Faroe Islands, but even if it was short I feel lucky I had this chance.

Fine art landscape photography of Gásadalur, Vágar, Faroe Islands by Julien Fumard

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