Fine art landscape photography of black sands in Hvalnes, Iceland by Julien Fumard

First Steps : The East Fjords

It is around 8AM. We start to see the Icelandic coasts. Rugged rocks coming out of the sea are already half covered by a thick layer of clouds. The humidity in the air and the cold wind blowing on my face and my hands make me think that we are finally in Iceland!

Fine art landscape photography of arrival in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland by Julien Fumard

The first part of the trip has been decided. We will drive through the East Fjords. Weather is terrible. Clouds quickly become thick fog, and then snow. Temperature on the summits is close to 0˚C. I think that summer is a bit late … or is it the usual temperature for June in Iceland? The first night is also cold. Temperatures around 3˚C are not really what we were used to in our hometown of Aix-en- Provence, France. Fortunately, our sleeping bags and our winter coat will be strong enough to keep us warm for a long and lonely night.

Fine art landscape photography of a waterfall in the East Fjords of Iceland by Julien Fumard

At every moment, landscapes are incredible. We drive from places with a feeling of “green Sierra Nevada” to places where a hundred sheeps and cute lambs devour the infinite green carpet of grass. When suddenly, between two hordes of the curly white creatures, something different shows up: reindeers! We park the car and engage into a reindeer hunt (not a bloody one, only a photographic one). Hiding behind rocks and waiting to get as close as possible to these shy creatures is really great fun!

Fine art nature photography of reindeers in the East Fjords of Iceland by Julien Fumard

After a few more kilometers, surroundings change again. On one side of the road can be seen a colossal mass of fallen volcanic rocks and sands. On the other side, one of the famous black sand beach stretching to the infinite into the ocean. This is quite an impressive view.

Fine art landscape photography of black sands in Hvalnes, Iceland by Julien Fumard

Looking for a camping to spend the night, we once more stumble upon a pretty interesting place. It looks like a classical sandy beach during low tide, but if we look carefully we can see cracked sands. I have always been in admiration before those kind of apocalyptic-looking landscapes. I do not hesitate for a moment and jump into my boots — I bought some for this trip as I always get my shoes soaked :) — and run to take photographs of this place. I am a bit afraid as my foots sink into a thick mud, so thick that I have difficulties to take my foots away from it … and then, my fear for the quicksands comes to my mind … But I get back safe and sound to the car and I am a happy photographer! :)

Fine art landscape photography of cracked sands in Stokkenes, Iceland by Julien Fumard


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    eh oui c’est ça l’Islande !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    il neigeait un certain 15 août 1996 

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    Couvrez-vous bien !!!!
    PS : j’adore le commentaire sur les brouillons ……. :)

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