Young kid with red cheeks due to the harsh winter come to play with me in front of my camera. Trekking in Langtang National Park, in the Nepalese Himalayas.

A Born Dead Project

Following the recent earthquakes that shook Nepal a few days ago, I started a campaign to raise funds in order to help the survivors through Karuna-Shechen organization. This operation has been launched but was approximate, a bit panicked, because I knew that I had to be fast if I wanted to be able to raise funds for such an event. When I launched this campaign, I contacted my friend Cindy Jeannon asking her if she would join by also giving away one of her prints. From there was born a short but well packaged project that, unfortunately, will not see the light of day. These words are hers and will shed light on it.



More than a deception, we feel hurt as we think about the investment involved these last days and the urgent help required in Nepal. Everything was ready and we should have launched “our call” yesterday. But unfortunately this project will not see the light of day.

Julien and me have been working these last days on an online platform to sell fine art prints which sales would have been entirely dedicated to Karuna-Shechen organization.

Everything begins when Julien contacts me as he is starting to sell his prints for Nepal in order to raise funds for this organization. An exchange between both of us quickly starts and we decide to create this platform. As if in a “company”, we think efficiency (because the situation is urgent) and legality (moving from a personal to a global project is a different world).

The project is set up and becomes more and more complex as we raise new questions: How should we do that ? Create a website and think of its architecture, the way it will work. How to organize the call to the donating photographers? Which collaborators should we ask ? What means of communication ? We set up a real “action plan”.

Every day we are in contact with Karuna-Shechen organization in order to discuss about technical and legal details. In 4 days (thinking about it day and night) the project is ready. First calls, first positive answers. And then… Then when digging into one administrative question, we discover that this project is in fact impossible for us to realize.

The exact reason: it is illegal to obtain a counterpart from a gift. We didn’t know that, nor did our contacts… it’s only by digging deeper that we discovered it altogether.

The website is ready, the mail for the photographers should have been sent yesterday and the whole project had to be live on Friday at the latest. So, instead of being able to realize this project that took our heart, I wanted to write these words so that our experience would (maybe) be of help to others. And maybe will it serve to better understand the constraints in order to overpass them next time. Maybe also somebody will have a magic idea… a different way of thinking that would be of help. If it’s the case, the website is ready and we are also ready to give away our work to be used.

There is however one positive aspect: Julien and me discovered that we were making a good team… which led to all this work accomplished in only a few days.


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