A Whole New Adventure Begins

Those already following me on social networks might already know it : a new adventure is about to begin. I will spend the three coming winter months in Inari, Finland. Although being a major city for tourism in Finland, Inari is a renown place to observe northern lights and to learn about Sámi culture. This winter will surely be memorable concerning these green dancers as the sun will reach a peak in its activity. Can’t wait to see them again!

There, I will be hosted by a local Sámi family in exchange of various services like cooking — just because I’m french, people think I’m a good cook … ;) –, taking care of the animals, the house, the tourists and so on. To make it simple, I will be part of the family for the following three months. I am really excited for this trip and have so many expectations … Some will be granted, some probably not. In three months it will certainly be impossible to fulfill all my desires but hey! That’s life! :)

Whatever happens, the main goal of this trip is the same I have for every single trip : HAVE FUN! And on this particular topic, I am certain it will be the case.

I’ll try to keep you in touch as soon as possible of my arrival so see you soon my friends!


  • 18/11/2012

    Paul Kerrien

    je te souhaite un bon hiver tout là-haut avec plein de découvertes et de rencontres !!

    • 18/11/2012

      Merci beaucoup Paul! En tout cas c’est bien parti. Je sens que ça va être sympa comme tout :)

      A bientôt!

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