Fine art landscape photography of icebergs close to Voss, Norway

The “Iceland Effect”

Since I came back from Iceland, I do not see the world with the same vision. Everything on this island is so unbelievable that most landscapes here in Norway seem tasteless, even sometimes boring … (Please don’t beat me! :P). That is what I call “The Iceland Effect”.

Fine art travel photography of a boat reflection in Norway by Julien Fumard

This last week, since the wonderful stave churches episode, I have had much difficulties to find photographic inspiration. It was like lost. Every place, despite it’s undeniable beauty, did not resonate into my soul. I guess I am not the only photographer or artist to have this kind of feeling that inspiration is a bit like luck : If it is not there, it is definitely not there and you have to wait for the next flow. It is made of ups and downs. And with the huge amount of inspiration I experienced in Iceland, I think that I drained my stock. But that definitely does not mean that I should not try to find it again and that is definitely not what I am doing … Of course! What did you think, huh? ;)

 Fine art travel photography of Sognefjorden fjord in Norway by Julien Fumard

Over the last days another plague adds to the Iceland Effect : bad weather. Day after day I do not have the chance to experience a decent sunset (if I have the chance to experience one!). It is rainy, foggy and most people we meet tell us that this summer is terrible in Norway. We travel anyway along the fjords despite a constant rain. That means almost no photo at all. And when the rain stops, it usually happens in the most touristic places. Those kind of places where dozens of busses stop for a couple of pictures (sometimes even behind the tinted window) and a tick on a paper sheet : stave churches, done!, Bryggen, done!, Geiranger, done!, next one is … This is when I “enjoy” photographing ugliness in beauty ;)

Fine art travel photography of Geiranger fjord, Norway by Julien Fumard

Let’s stop with negativity and see the bright side of life! This terrible weather on the fjords and the infinite bus flow forced us to leave this place for a moment and have a couple of hikes in Norwegian natural parks. The first one has been a hike in Jotunheimen National Park, whose name comes from Jotunheim, the land of the giants in norse mythology. To be honest, it is quite easy to understand such a name as one can find the tallest mountains of Norway and Northern Europe in this park. Here we are lucky to experience a bright and sunny day which gives us the opportunity to walk to the wonderful melting glacier of Svellnosbreen.

 Fine art landscape photography of Jotunheimen National Park, Norway by Julien Fumard

Fine art travel photography of Svellnosbreen glacier in Jotunheimen national park, Norway by Julien Fumard

The following day is also sunny and we decide to make a quick but deceiving visit to Rondane National Park with its rugged and green mountains. If I had to do this Norwegian trip differently, I would probably not visit theses parks. Of course I do not mean that they are not worth the trip, but the thing is that to fully experience them one day is definitely not enough and you might leave with a feeling of something incomplete.

Fine art landscape photography of Rondane national park, Norway by Julien Fumard
However, even during these sunny days I did not have the chance to see a decent sunset. I then had to focus on something different. Fortunately Norway is a country full of surprises and there is something that can be found on little roads between mountains, even during summer. Something that I love to photograph. Do you see what I mean? … Alright, one more clue : it is cold …

 Fine art travel photography of Norway by Julien Fumard

Fine art landscape photography of icebergs close to Voss, Norway

Hopefully ice and snow are still present to comfort my photographic soul. And to comfort our tired bodies and minds, nothing is better than a cappuccino on a terrace of the lovely town of Ålesund, the most German city of Norway.

 Fine art travel photography of Alesund, Norway by Julien Fumard

… and maybe some Norwegian raspberries jam. Yum! :P

Fine art travel photography of raspberries in Norway by Julien Fumard

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