Fine art landscape photography of Å i Lofoten, Norway under the sunrise by Julien Fumard

Påske i Lofoten, dag III : Sun is shining!

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This morning, my alarm clock did not ring … as usual. I guess I really have a problem with them! However, I wake up around 6:30. A quick look through the window and here am I, running to the car. I remember that place I saw yesterday from which I could easily make a nice panoramic picture of the village of Å. Lucky am I : this morning is wonderful. The few remaining clouds have the nice orange colour of the morning sun and the village, protected by its mountain, benefits of this same warm light. Useless to say that to complete this ambiance, the sound of the crazy seagulls and the smell of the drying fish are also invited to the party.

Fine art landscape photography of Å i Lofoten, Norway under the sunrise by Julien Fumard

Back to the room, we take a quick breakfast and leave this wonderful wooden shelter. The first place we visit is called Reine. Our paper guide describes it as the most beautiful village in Lofoten. I have a different opinion. For me nothing is really interesting here but the place it is situated in: surrounded by mountains and along the sea. This is of course something you should see if you go to Lofoten but if you miss it, don’t panic. There are lots of nicest places over there!

Today is not really a good day for photography. The sun is too bright and we can barely see some lonely uninteresting clouds. But it’s definitely a nice day to simply enjoy the sun.

 Fine art landscape photography of Lofoten mountains from a beach, Norway by Julien Fumard

We then make our way to Sund, a tiny little fishing village lost between the mountains, where we have a quick lunch along the sea. No, I’m not lying! Between the mountains AND along the sea. Hey, we are in Lofoten! ;). And with such a nice day, we just want to do nothing more than enjoy the warmth of the shining sun!

Fine art landscape photography of a winter tree on a snowy beach in Lofoten, Norway by Julien Fumard

Fine art travel photography of clouds under the setting sun in Lofoten, Norway by Julien Fumard

Anyway, after a moment we decide to leave to Unstad and Eggum. The road is quite long. Unstad is not really interesting, but once we arrive in Eggum, old memories come back to our mind. 5 years ago, we camped on this exact place under the 11:00 PM sun … and were awaken early in the morning by a stupid — do I really have to precise? :) — lamb calling his mother for hours. Needless to say that she was just a few meters away, behind the hill…

After this little walk full of memories, we head back to the south. For tonight we booked a rorbu in Ballstad, another small fishing village with lots of red rorbuer. But this is a story for the next time.

 Fine art travel photography of Lofoten mountains, Norway by Julien Fumard

To be continued…

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