Fine art landscape photography of Telegrafbukta, Tromsø, Norway by Julien Fumard

Arctic Lights over Telegrafbukta

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In this Saturday morning of December, a day without clouds (finally!). I decide to be courageous and get up early, around 9:30 … , to take some pictures of sunrise-sunset. Outside, weather is not especially cold. After a few minutes of walk, I open my coat. I’m starting to really get hot. Dammit! is that the famous Arctic winter!? After something like a one hour walk, I finally arrive to my favorite destination on the island of Tromsøya: the area around Telegrafbukta. I know that here I can find good spots to take pictures because I’ve already been there when the sea level has risen about 50 cm last month. This is the opportunity to see what it looks like when it is not flooded.

It is around 11AM when I arrive on site. The light of the Arctic sunrise-sunset is already present. These beautiful lights between yellow and orange are just what I need. I hurry to unfold my tripod to start as soon as possible to take pictures … But that’s without thinking that the ground is completely frozen in some places. Not frost, but a very thick ice, result of a thick layer of snow that has already melt and freeze again for several days already. I almost fall a couple of times but faith is much stronger and I continue to run, spot after spot, to take pictures.

Fine art landscape photography of Telegrafbukta, Tromsø, Norway by Julien Fumard

Here the wind is cold… even freezing. The ground, when not covered with a thick layer of ice, is cracking under my steps. My ears and fingers cry (yes, of course it’s possible!). But the spectacle unfolding in front of me is so magical that no matter the pain, I will be victorious! I am almost alone. A few walkers and joggers can be seen here and there, but they are so few that they do not break this peaceful moment. After an hour, I begin to feel something strange. Until now, when I want to photograph during the golden light, it usually lasts about half an hour but here, I have been shooting for an hour and light has barely changed. It’s pretty strange to live, but quite nice actually. Anyway there is one sure thing : I’ll be back!

 Fine art landscape photography of Telegrafbukta, Tromsø, Norway by Julien Fumard


  • 22/12/2011

    Sébastien Mosser

    Ca donne furieusement envie de monter  à Trømso pour profiter du paysage. Les couleurs sont impressionnantes …

    • 23/12/2011


      Bah écoutez, si vous voulez monter un de ces jours, vous êtes les bienvenus! Bon par contre je garantis pas les mêmes lumières … j’ai été super chanceux sur ce coup. Un ciel clair comme ça c’est pas tous les jours qu’on en a … SURTOUT le week end!
      Ha autre précision, ça dure entre 1h30 voire grand max 2h. Pas plus! Après il fait tout noir … reste plus qu’à aller claquer sa thune au pub :P

  • 16/01/2012


    Vraiment magnifique.

  • 21/01/2012


    Très jolies photos bravo bravo !!

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