Fine art landscape photography on the roads of Finnmark, Norway

The Gamvik Experience, Chapter III : Last Days in Heaven

This is a common morning. I am enjoying the usual porridge along with a warm coffee. Through the window, I can see the sun waking up behind the snowy mountains, last stronghold of earth before the dark sea that surrounds us. I can easily imagine myself among this stone and ice desert when suddenly my phone rings. Tomorrow I have to leave Gamvik. This is my last chance if I don’t want to miss my flight next week. Sad news, even if deep inside me I knew that this special moment could not last forever.

Fine art travel photography of sunset over Gamvik, Norway

After the usual journey along with my hairy friends, I take benefit of a quiet evening in order to photograph this little harbor which makes the fortune of the village. Without fishing, Gamvik would definitely not be the same and it would have been a pity not to immortalize this place. After my feet sink into a thick layer of snow, I reach the seashore. Under the wavelets of a rising sea hides a turquoise jewel, a layer of ice which has been formed during the low tide and still resists to the assault of the salt, despite the mildness of the weather. A wonderful color which fits perfectly to the tonality of the moment I am willing to capture.

Fine art travel photography of Gamvik's harbor, Norway

Magical instants like this go really fast and I quickly find myself sitting in the car on the way back to Inari. I barely have time to think about the good moments spent in Gamvik that I am assaulted by the beauty of the surrounding landscape. I find myself on a mountain road, lost among an infinity of pure white hills. On one side, the sky vary between grey and blue, cold colors of a cloud-covered day; on the other side, the few sunbeams which are able to pierce tint the sky with a pale yellow reflecting on the snow hills, giving them these singular depth and splendor. I am enthralled.

Fine art landscape photography on the roads of Finnmark, Norway

Unfortunately, I made the mistake to let my camera in the trunk of the car and I have to wait for the next stop in order to get it. Fatal mistake and deep frustration. Hopefully, the show continues and some surprises add up : scattered rocks, bushes, reindeer herd, …

Fine art travel photography of a reindeer herd on the roads of Finnmark, Norway

A show which lasts for hours and make me forget the nostalgia of the departure. Roads of Finnmark have more than one trick up their sleeve and make me say that they represent to me the most beautiful ride I have made so far. Even if it is already the fourth time I am traveling through Norway, I still have the same envy to come back here, again and again!

Fine art landscape photography on the roads of Finnmark, Norway

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