Fine art travel photography of a husky under the sunset in Gamvik, Norway

The Gamvik Experience, Chapter II : Sea, Sex & Sun?

— Boost the statistics of your blog, lesson 1 : use the word ‘Sex’ : Check! — 

Joke aside, the original title of this post should have been ‘Sea, Snow & Sun’. Sorry for those who were already dribbling and awaiting for hot and pithy news … even if my hairy roommates (three wonderful huskies) are sometimes pretty up for it! ;)

As I am writing these words, it has already been ten days since I arrived in Gamvik. Daylight gets longer at an unbelievable speed with fifteen minutes of extra sun every day and I must admit that except from one grayish day, the nine others have really been incredible. I was convinced that by coming here, by the Barents Sea, I would experience dull weather, wind and storms, … On one side I would really love to see what a big storm looks like in this place, but on the other side the colors and lights I have the chance to see during the six hours of daily sun are so marvelous that I feel delighted anyway.

Fine art travel photography of Gamvik, NorwayStarting from 9:00 AM, the sunbeams illuminate the snow and make it shine with this gold tint I will never be bored of. Snowflakes are sparkling and while some take it easy under the sun, somebody (me) works flat out in order to be able to go and photograph these wonderful lights as soon as possible. Even if golden hours are lasting all day long in this place, the first and last ones remain the most impressive…

Fine art travel photography of a husky under the sunset in Gamvik, NorwayEvery nook of the village is sparkling like a star. I am naturally walking towards this warm light ball, slowly waking up from its bed made of mountains, precious shelter when it does not dare to show up. On the right side, when leaving the town, I have already located this little path leading to one of my favorite spots in Gamvik. Houses space out, nature gains ground. I am in the middle of this frozen desert, illuminated by the intense beams of a sun getting more powerful every day, and the few remaining traces of humanity look like the testimony of a pacific coexistence between man and nature.

Fine art landscape photography of an isolated house in the Finnmark mountains in Gamvik, NorwayA few more steps and wilderness is now reigning as a master in this peaceful place which thrills me every single morning. Ah! These mountains in the distance!

Fine art landscape photography of the Finnmark mountains in Gamvik, Norway

To be continued …


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