Taking the boat

After three long days of driving, we finally arrived in Hirtshals. We spent the night here in the camping (one of the two lonely tents in a camping full of vans and camping cars!).

Despite the roadworks on most of the German highways, the road has been pretty correct. Some traffic jam around Hamburg, and lots of rain in Denmark, but that’s it. Which makes me think that the Danish flag should rather be gray and green (green for the infinite fields we have seen along the road) than red and white…

But in the end we made it in time. A little fear in the last camping site in Germany where we drove over some barbed wire, but it seems that Kioki (our car) is still solid as a rock. Let’s cross fingers…

We should be taking the boat in a couple of hours. I feel really excited, a bit like the first and viking settlers bringing family, slaves and animals on the boat to Iceland. But fortunately, this is far more secure now … isn’t it? ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to say a quick hi as we have been able to find an internet access (in the library!). I will try to send you a quick post once we reach Ultima Thulé if we survive the attacks of the mighty kraken. Cheers!


  • 13/06/2012


    Alors ? Bien arrivés ?????
    des news !!!!!

    • 14/06/2012

      Julien Fumard

      Oui, on y est. Et vivants en plus!
      Je suis en train de vous préparer un petit post avec les premières photos et impressions … alors reste à l’écoute ;)Bisous!

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