Stronger than ever after the 400km trek around Annapurna I had the chance to experience last spring in Nepal, I could certainly not stop like this. Once adventure grabs you by the guts, odds are that, as a drug, it will eat you from the inside. Then the only thing your body and soul desire is to leave the comfort and routine of daily life to go back into the wild and live in the worst conditions,

After having crossed the northernmost places in Republic of Ireland, this trip naturally heads up towards Northern Ireland. The coastline, as rough as it used to be, becomes brighter due to the presence of limestone. Landscapes become also more dramatic and the restless ocean smashes against sharp rocks giving birth to a salt-tasting and sticky haze. Lights however remain difficult. Golden lights did not appear for a long time which makes me lose little by

I have waited for a long time for the Irish Golden Lights – these famous lights lusted after by many photographers, giving a golden and magical hue to landscapes. After a long wait they finally came when I did not expect them, offering me a show better than anything I could think about.I have already been waiting for them for a couple of weeks. Usually late to photograph this moment at its best, this time

After the gorgeous Langtang trek, I kept thinking about a face to face with Himalayan summits again. A few days later I give a call to a new friend I just met, Dan: “What a coincidence, I planned to leave for the same place the exact same day!”. That’s how I am about to begin a whole new adventure, the Annapurna Circuit. And the adventure starts quick enough with a young lady particularly sensitive to

In Iceland, the usual way of traveling is to drive around the main road. This is an excellent way to discover most of interesting spots. However, this does not include remote places such as the Highlands which are situated in the center of the island. Here you will find sand, stones, mountains and hot springs, but also lots of wind and snow. Most of this part of Iceland is actually a desert and that's why

It is around 8AM. We start to see the Icelandic coasts. Rugged rocks coming out of the sea are already half covered by a thick layer of clouds. The humidity in the air and the cold wind blowing on my face and my hands make me think that we are finally in Iceland! The first part of the trip has been decided. We will drive through the East Fjords. Weather is terrible. Clouds quickly become thick fog,