Sometimes events turns out differently than you expect, possibly in a quite funny way; the kind of event which is usually not enjoyed in the present but can carve indelible memories into your mind, memories that are enjoyable to share with friends over a good glass of wine/beer/--choose your favorite drink-- … Tonight, Jamie, an English photographer I met in Inari, proposes to me that I join him for an aurora hunt. I accept his offer

There are days like that when you don't really want to go out. Tiredness surpasses everything else and the only envy you feel is to huddle in a warm and comfortable bed. I am falling asleep when my cellphone rings. Belinda, one of my mates, invites me to join the troop : Northern lights are here! "Pah, still these faint greenish clouds" am I mumbling… Since I am arrived, the only auroras we have had the