Sunrise on Latemar and Lago di Carezza, Dolomites, Italy

Sylvan Spirits of the Dolomites

Some rain, then a thick fog now hide this lake I came to photograph for the third time: the first time was dark and bland, and the second was, despite the wonderful lights, without my camera — yes, I did forgot it! Is Lago di Carezza cursed? I stand resolute and wait, hoping an opening in this impenetrable mass of steam. The fog comes and goes, the lake is limpid and its reflection perfect. Slowly, what I thought was a scourge transforms. In silence I can hear the sylvan spirits of the Dolomites at work. What are they planning?

Fog over Lago di Carezza, Dolomites, Italy

The overwhelming fog becomes thinner and transforms in slim clouds that disappear. Over the pine forest a hole opens up and the mountain range of Latemar appears, severe and dominating. Icing on the cake, the sun lightens up the forest offering me this idyllic scene worth the landscapes of the Great North of Canada. Grateful, this is how I got acquainted with the sylvan spirits of the Dolomites.

Sunrise on Latemar and Lago di Carezza, Dolomites, Italy

Mountain under storm, Dolomites, Italy

Winter has been harsh this year. Some places have been covered up by a layer of snow as thick as eight meters and it is not uncommon to end our ascensions on kilometres of snow that should have already melted, sometimes so thick that rivers run underneath — which does not feel very comforting. Fog and rain are not here to improve our trekking conditions, although, as a photographer, I feel quite happy with these.

Sunset over Cadini di Misurina, Dolomites, Italy

Sunrise over Sorapiss, Dolomites, Italy

Here we are between sharp rocks, snow patches and rows of broken trees — destroyed by avalanches — trying to find a way to our daily destination. Everyday, a rain shower comes to rinse the path behind us. Fortunately, the sylvan spirits of the Dolomites are still watching over us and thanks to them, rare are the times where the rain can actually drench us.

Trees broken by avalanche in Dolomites, Italy Climbing to Croda da Lago, Dolomites, Italy  Mask of a Pagan creature, Dolomites, Italy


  • 27/07/2014


    Jules your photographs are inspiring, beautiful and bring tears to my eyes. You are leading such an enriching life, and by bringing the beauty of nature to others you enrich our mundane lives. Stay safe, live dangerously. Xxxxx Pam

    • 27/07/2014

      Thanks a lot Pam. I really appreciate!
      “Stay safe, live dangerously” > haha sounds like a great motto! :)
      All the best!

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