Mountains viewed from Sakrisøy, Lofoten, Norway

The Raging Lofoten

I am slowly awaking from slumber. Night has been quite cold and I am waiting for this gale to end before getting out of my tent and pack everything as quick as possible – the next gale is never far away. As I slowly open the zip of my shelter as a child would open a christmas gift, hoping for an hypothetic miracle, a surprise unfolds. Ground and mountains switched coats from morose green and brown to divine white, and sky from a constant flat gray to an ever changing mix of colors and textures. Seems like I am eventually getting lucky!

Rorbuer in Å, Lofoten, Norway

Odds have been turning out in my favor from last morning, in Å. Sky became blue after two weeks of a uniform and depressing gray. Not so good for photography but a delight for the moral. For once, I was leaving my ‘base camp’ thinking that interesting colors might finally show up today. It didn’t. One more night was required before the miracle eventually happened.

Tent in a snowstorm in Reine, Lofoten, Norway

Lights of snowstorm in Reine, Lofoten, Norway

Then you already know the story: cold, storm, snow… It’s quite unusual to get so much snow here in October, but what a delight it is to see the capricious Lofoten again in their winter coat. Snowstorm, light snow, bright sun, then snowstorm again. I feel so lucky as this is the way I like them most and this is how the weather has become. Within an hour it switches from one state to the other a few times, meaning perfect conditions for photography even if it becomes indeed hard to walk straight and capture sharp images.

Mountains viewed from Sakrisøy, Lofoten, Norway

Hamnøy under snow storm. Lofoten, Norway

Frozen snowflakes whip me in a frying noise while I push my body against the wind. It feels like I am carrying twice my weight but I don’t really think about it. In these situations, my mind is focused on one single goal: make this next step towards the gorgeous light and shapes taking form a few hundred meters away. This is a heady feeling, the kind of sensation that makes you feel alive and definitely something I missed.

Storm over Reine fjord, Lofoten, Norway

Storm over Reine, Lofoten, Norway

Then, nothing. Somebody must have pressed the ‘Pause’ button. Snow stopped falling down and wind got quiet. It is like if nothing happened; only lights and textures remain. Now it is time to unfold tripod, set up camera and filters, compose and shoot. I sure know I don’t have much time as the next storm is already profiling in front of me. It should be there in a minute. After a first warning gale, there it starts again. Strong wind and hard snowflakes are back, I have to pack everything one more time and continue on this endless path until the night comes, pacifying the raging Lofoten, giving the place a totally new atmosphere it will hopefully keep until next morning for a surreal sunrise…

Textures in the sand of Flakstad beach, Lofoten, Norway

Sunrise over Sakrisøy, Lofoten, Norway

Rock formations on Vikten beach, Lofoten, Norway

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