Clouds fading away over Muktinath Valley, Nepal

Next (and Last) Adventure

My bank account is getting pretty light. Despite quite a cheap way of traveling mostly based on volunteering and camping, I knew that the day would come when I would face, for the last time of this adventure, the excitement of thinking of the last place to visit. This day eventually came and I am now ending the preparations of this last trip that will begin in two days.

Desertic Muktinath Valley, Nepal
The problem with this kind of journey is that the more you discover the world, the more you understand that you didn’t see anything. Then builds into your mind a wish-list made of an infinity of locations that you want to visit, of people you’d like to meet and experiences to live. We’ve got one life and the little experience I’ve got pushes me more and more to avoid traveling through a whole country. Although rich in discoveries, these experiences are in my opinion too superficial. So too bad for the list, I will continue the way I did in for my most recent trips and focus on a defined zone. The experience will be nothing but more rewarding. People or landscapes, both deserve the time you pass to try to understand them. The result, might it be human or photographic, will be all the more convincing.

Clouds fading away over Muktinath Valley, NepalNow remains the choice of the place. To be honest with you, it has been quite quick to take a decision. The mountains in Nepal clearly took my fancy and although they were not number 1 in my mind and I wanted at all costs walk again in the Himalaya to end this adventure.

Despite the remnants of an ugly sciatica, this is why I crossed fingers and booked a flight to New Delhi, India. A few days of bus would carry my girlfriend and me to the high altitude region of Ladakh, the Little Tibet of India, where titanic mountains and gompas inhabited by monks in red dresses stand alongside in a desert atmosphere.

Gompa on the Annapurna Trek, Nepal

This time I will travel lighter than usual, carrying no laptop. That means that you’ll probably get no news from me until I come back (mid october) unless I find the occasion to give some sign of life on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Until then, keep well and have a great summer!

The photographs on this post have — of course — not been taken in Ladakh as I have still never been there, but in Nepal. This is the closest I’ve got to give you an idea of the place.

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