Vikten's beach in Lofoten, Norway

Let the Adventure Begin!

In a few hours I will be on my way to Lofoten Islands, Norway, back where I belong. Norway has always had an important place in my heart and I have been thinking of seeing her again one day or the other since I left her. I am then very excited about this new adventure although, I admit it, a little bit anxious too. I mean, this is the very first time I am traveling that way, alone with my camera for one month in a place renown for its unstable climate and strong winds, and with a home on my back. Tent will most of the time be my only shelter against the elements, as strong as they can become, and dealing with this in the long run is probably my biggest fear. This is however a low price to pay for such an experience, price which will certainly be greatly rewarded in an evolution of my vision and as a human being.

The only fact of being alone in the wild for one month with the sole purpose of making photographs makes me excited like a kid. Which is probably why I have not been able to stand still since yesterday… Backpack and camera gear are now ready (finally!). I will be carrying between 25 and 30 kg of equipment, excluding water and food… about half of my weight. A bit masochistic maybe, but this is part of the price for freedom and once again, I am glad to pay for it!

Useless to say that I will not be able to write regularly as I am used to do. Being however not totally in the wild (in Lofoten, villages are generally not too far from where you stand) I will not forget you and try somehow to give news and post a few photographs of this adventure as soon as I can – probably when the storm gets too strong ;)

See you soon. Let the adventure begin!

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