Just Arrived!

Fine art travel photography of Ivalo airport, Finland by Julien Fumard

Just a quick post to write that I finally arrived in Inari after a long and boring stop of twelve hours in Helsinki airport. Hopefully, the force was with me : a free wifi connection was available. Yay! Thank you Mrs Helsinki!

So what’s next? Not sure yet. But from what I’ve been told, I’ll be training dogs, learning how to ride a horse (not whatever horses, fjord horses, the true viking horses that do not fear the cold grrrr), … and also some routine tasks like feeding them, cleaning their sh*t and so on. Hahaha what do you think? This is not a holiday trip! :)

The whole family is composed by people from Finland, Australia, Netherlands, England, Columbia, and probably some other nationality I forgot. But the thing is that I can feel a very good ambiance here. Everybody is warm and welcoming and I feel like Inari is kind of a teddy bear village : everybody helps everybody, loves everybody and life is beautiful. This is probably naive, but this is currently my first overview of the place.

Unfortunately I did not have time to take much pictures so please be patient, I’ll try to make some as soon as possible. Ho I forgot to specify that something like 9 pups are born recently. And you would not believe me how cute they are …

See you one the next post. I’ll probably add some pics of them … or not. I’m not decided yet … :)


  • 18/11/2012

    Sébastien Mosser

    Enjoy! Les fjords sont des supers chevaux en général, un brin tétu mais super gentil et agréable a soigner. En tout cas les fjords qu’on a en Europe du Sud :)

    • 19/11/2012

      Je confirme. Ils sont super gentils, bien que pas toujours calins. Tant que tás de la bouffe par contre, tu fais c’que tu veux avec :)

  • 20/11/2012

    Celine Malattia

    Siiii je veux des photos des petits chiots!!!!! J’en veux, j’en veux, j’en veux!!!! Pi planques en un dans un sac pour me le rapporter !! Miii :D

    • 21/11/2012

      On va essayer … mais d’ici là ils vont être plutôt grands! ;)

      • 22/11/2012

        Celine Malattia

        M’en fou! :)

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