Nepal, home of the highest summit in the world and of the spectacular Himalayan mountain range; an example of natural beauty. But behind the shining image of snowy mountains hides a darker truth. Beyond these shining diamonds live people that are fighting everyday for their survival, barely earning what is needed to feed themselves. Then, many children are abandoned every year because of the impossibility for their parents to take care of them. Extreme poverty, health

"Arrival on Kathmandu is surprising". Here are the first words on my travel diary. As a great fanatic of the vast frozen landscapes, the first steps in this city of more than one and a half million inhabitants in which horn-driven driving, pollution and dust are part of the banalities, were quite disturbing. Once the shock of discovery passed, Kathmandu opens little by little to my senses. Between the dilapidated walls of the narrow streets and

It has been two weeks already since I left the frozen ground of Finnish Lapland. I would be a liar to say that coming back in France had been easy. After such an experience I think everyone would need to take a little bit of time in order to get used to city life again. Then, after two weeks of good food and good wine (French style readaptation therapy), I finally decide to write this

This is a common morning. I am enjoying the usual porridge along with a warm coffee. Through the window, I can see the sun waking up behind the snowy mountains, last stronghold of earth before the dark sea that surrounds us. I can easily imagine myself among this stone and ice desert when suddenly my phone rings. Tomorrow I have to leave Gamvik. This is my last chance if I don't want to miss my

-- Boost the statistics of your blog, lesson 1 : use the word 'Sex' : Check! --  Joke aside, the original title of this post should have been 'Sea, Snow & Sun'. Sorry for those who were already dribbling and awaiting for hot and pithy news … even if my hairy roommates (three wonderful huskies) are sometimes pretty up for it! ;) As I am writing these words, it has already been ten days since I arrived

Eight hours and a half driving, a spin followed by a crash in a snow mount, a belt repaired on the parking lot of the last supermarket in Finland and a wild lunch in front of the toilets of the same supermarket. This was the price to pay to arrive finally in Gamvik, a small Norwegian village of one hundred and fifty inhabitants, the northernmost village in continental Europe. I feel privileged to enter into this

After more than two months of Kaamos, he is shyly coming out again. His warm lights illuminate the frozen textures of lake Muddus and turn its ice and snow carapace into an amber colored playground. The fine layer of frost covering the thick snow over the lake crushes under my feet. I sink knee-deep into it and every single stride becomes a challenge. The large breaths I take feel like little razors sliding into my lungs but the