Of course, it could not be so simple. Great weather, clear night skies and auroras for my first days in Lofoten, … “Come on! Did you really believe it would last like this for ever? Wake up boy, you’re above the Arctic circle, and furthermore in october”. Then The Almighty Weather decided it was enough easy moments, became angry and decided it was time for a lesson of humility. A lesson I have had time

Sleeping at Oslo airport has been nothing but a delight. I must have spent something like one hour in the kingdom of Morpheus, sitting between two darned snorers, trying to fall asleep with some music while my head was falling on one side or the other. Anyways, I eventually reached the flight to Bodø from which I took the – almost empty – ferry to Moskenes, Lofoten. As crazy as it might sound, I have rarely

In a few hours I will be on my way to Lofoten Islands, Norway, back where I belong. Norway has always had an important place in my heart and I have been thinking of seeing her again one day or the other since I left her. I am then very excited about this new adventure although, I admit it, a little bit anxious too. I mean, this is the very first time I am traveling

Stronger than ever after the 400km trek around Annapurna I had the chance to experience last spring in Nepal, I could certainly not stop like this. Once adventure grabs you by the guts, odds are that, as a drug, it will eat you from the inside. Then the only thing your body and soul desire is to leave the comfort and routine of daily life to go back into the wild and live in the worst conditions,

After having crossed the northernmost places in Republic of Ireland, this trip naturally heads up towards Northern Ireland. The coastline, as rough as it used to be, becomes brighter due to the presence of limestone. Landscapes become also more dramatic and the restless ocean smashes against sharp rocks giving birth to a salt-tasting and sticky haze. Lights however remain difficult. Golden lights did not appear for a long time which makes me lose little by

I have waited for a long time for the Irish Golden Lights – these famous lights lusted after by many photographers, giving a golden and magical hue to landscapes. After a long wait they finally came when I did not expect them, offering me a show better than anything I could think about.I have already been waiting for them for a couple of weeks. Usually late to photograph this moment at its best, this time

My mind subjugated by the dancing tunes of Irish violins, I am writing the continuation of this adventure from a remote pub. After crossing quite quickly the south-west coast of the island, I am currently heading towards the goal of this trip, the Holy Grail of most of my travels: North. It must be carved in my DNA. Whatever the country, I am always attracted by its northern part. When I look on a map, my