Brutal wake-up. The whole world is shaking around me as the plane is landing. I am blinded by the light of the snow covered hills but can not stop contemplating their harmonious curves. After countless hours spent between planes and airports, I am finally in Mongolia. As I get in the taxi, I notice that the driver does not speak any English. Nor does the lady of the shop or the cook in the restaurant.

A few days after leaving to Mongolia, my girlfriend and me decided to have a weekend together in Ardeche, a beautiful region of France. As we walk down one of the main streets of the little town of Aubenas, a singular vehicle calls us out. A parabole, stickers everywhere and a lot of antennas standing on its roof… Of course! This is probably the car of the Aubenas-Lapland expedition we spent a day with in Lofoten

8:30AM. Sky is still black. For the third time, the piercing sound of my alarm clock rings out trying to awake me from lethargy. I dread the moment to come. Leaving this warm cocoon made of three layers is the daily torture required to live in this centenary lighthouse, a thermal shock of about forty degrees centigrade propelling me in icy clothes to a well deserved breakfast, cuddled by the smooth warmth of the wood

Once upon a time, off the coast of Vesterålen, floated a Little Island. On the top of this island stood a lighthouse. A long time ago, people used to live on the island and there they built a village. But in time the People of the Island left their houses and fled to the continent. Ruins of their settlement became the only clue of their presence. Yet, one person remained on the Little Island. People

I love it when a book finishes with a grand ending and am thrilled when an album ends up with an endless epic track filled with heady melodies; as well, I am lavished when one of my trips concludes right after memorable moments – if not the best. That’s why I decided to end this Lofoten adventure a bit earlier than expected after the last stormy days. Snow is slowly melting and after a planned sunny

I am slowly awaking from slumber. Night has been quite cold and I am waiting for this gale to end before getting out of my tent and pack everything as quick as possible – the next gale is never far away. As I slowly open the zip of my shelter as a child would open a christmas gift, hoping for an hypothetic miracle, a surprise unfolds. Ground and mountains switched coats from morose green and

October 7th, 2013: Day 13 The uphill slope to the beach, as well as the downhill one, are dreadful. I am wading in mud and sliding on wet rocks. I can see the beach in the distance, surrounded by two mountain ridges after a consequent boggy area. A few sunbeams are piercing the sky and lightening the mountain on my right side. I am looking forward to be arrived, but distances seem to be stretching out