After a failed attempt to reach Makalu base camp, I was afraid of what could happen on the way to Kanchenjunga south and north base camps. Situated at the east of Nepal and bordering with Sikkim, India, Kanchenjunga is the 3rd highest mountain in the world. This of course sounds attractive for someone in love with the mountains like me. However, it’s just next to Makalu and so far the weather kept on being nasty.

Often do photographic opportunities show up when you expect them the least. Being able to recognise and seize these opportunities is an important part of our photographic journey and a skill one can acquire quickly while traveling by simply being observant and open at anytime. When Lost Earth Adventures and I agreed to cooperate on documenting the Makalu base camp trek in the Nepalese Himalayas, I only had a rudimentary idea of what I would

I still find it hard to realise that what should have been a three months trip just ended after two years and two months of adventure between the Arctic and the Himalayas. It is not without a certain emotion that I remember how everything started. Back in Tromsø, Norway, I was at work, stuck behind my computer, reading a few travel photography blogs during the breaks, dreaming that one day I would be the one

About a week after we arrived in India, an unexpected news make us return urgently to France. This is the early termination of a trip and of this little saga throughout the world. Here are nonetheless a small idea of what we saw and lived on the road to Ladakh. Delhi Delhi airport; the atmosphere is heavy despite the night has already set for quite a long time. We queue in order to get the sacred stamp

My bank account is getting pretty light. Despite quite a cheap way of traveling mostly based on volunteering and camping, I knew that the day would come when I would face, for the last time of this adventure, the excitement of thinking of the last place to visit. This day eventually came and I am now ending the preparations of this last trip that will begin in two days. The problem with this kind of journey

Some rain, then a thick fog now hide this lake I came to photograph for the third time: the first time was dark and bland, and the second was, despite the wonderful lights, without my camera — yes, I did forgot it! Is Lago di Carezza cursed? I stand resolute and wait, hoping an opening in this impenetrable mass of steam. The fog comes and goes, the lake is limpid and its reflection perfect. Slowly,

4:15 AM. Short night. The alarm clock rings. No rain clinking on the tent. It is a good sign. I put on my wet clothes and walk towards the car. Although easily accessible — meaning probably over-photographed —, yesterday I’ve been caught by the beauty and the mystic atmosphere of Lago di Carezza and then decided to go back there for dawn. But after twenty minutes of driving through passes, It feels like something is