Enough of Vatnajökull for this trip. It is really awesome but we only have one month, though we have to move on. We decide to leave to the west and to make a stop to the gateway to hell. But before driving to Lucifer's palace, let's have a quick delight with a view on the pretty Svartifoss, in Skaftafell national park. Look carefully at the organ-shaped rocks that forms this waterfall. Isn't nature able to create

Vatnajökull is the third largest glacier in the world. With a surface of 8400 km2 (the same surface as Puerto Rico), a thickness that sometimes reach 1 km and its frequent under-ice volcanic eruptions make it the true giant of ice and fire. It is so huge that each of its "tongues" are themselves called glaciers. We had to see that and visited two of the most easy to access glaciers. Agrandir le plan After a good

It is around 8AM. We start to see the Icelandic coasts. Rugged rocks coming out of the sea are already half covered by a thick layer of clouds. The humidity in the air and the cold wind blowing on my face and my hands make me think that we are finally in Iceland! The first part of the trip has been decided. We will drive through the East Fjords. Weather is terrible. Clouds quickly become thick fog,

After three long days of driving, we finally arrived in Hirtshals. We spent the night here in the camping (one of the two lonely tents in a camping full of vans and camping cars!). Despite the roadworks on most of the German highways, the road has been pretty correct. Some traffic jam around Hamburg, and lots of rain in Denmark, but that's it. Which makes me think that the Danish flag should rather be gray and

The pressure is unbearable -- not really actually :) --. Photographic equipment has been checked, baggages are almost ready, (crappy) food has been bought in large quantities. A short night of sleep and we should be on the road tomorrow morning for 2000 kilometers during three and a half days, driving through France, Germany and Denmark. The final point will be Hirtshals, from which we sail to Iceland after a quick stop in Tórshavn, Faroe islands.

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … If you did not read them yet, here are the links to dag I, dag II and dag III. Enjoy! ;) View Larger Map Call to arms! We are under attack! The vikings are here to loot, burn and rape! Ho, wait a minute … I am dreaming. Well, not really. After a first part of the night hearing the confessions of a drunk man through the slim walls of

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … If you did not read them yet, here are the links to dag I and dag II. Enjoy! ;) View Larger Map This morning, my alarm clock did not ring … as usual. I guess I really have a problem with them! However, I wake up around 6:30. A quick look through the window and here am I, running to the car. I remember that place I saw yesterday from which I could