Time flies. We started to explore Icelandic grounds one month ago, already. We now have to sail back to Denmark but before, let's stop halfway between Iceland and Norway and visit Faroe Islands. Faroe Islands compose an archipelago of 18 islands and are a self governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark. However the main language here is not Danish but Faroese, a language rooted in Old Norse, pretty close to Icelandic. But as well as

This is almost the end of our Icelandic adventure and I still have a regret. There is a place I wanted to visit but due to the terrible weather we had to cancel. Fortunately we finished touring around Iceland in three weeks instead of the four weeks planned, which means that we have one week left. This is a great occasion to go back to the south of the island and visit this place called Landmannalaugar. Landmannalaúgar

In the north of Iceland, a lake is renown for its huge quantity of midges and birds : Mývatn, which means "the lake of midges". However the surroundings of this lake are also famous for something totally different, something that interests me even more : its past and present volcanic activity. First of all, let's start with a quick hike under the sun on the 2500 years old caldera of Hverfjall. The textures inside it are

In Iceland, the usual way of traveling is to drive around the main road. This is an excellent way to discover most of interesting spots. However, this does not include remote places such as the Highlands which are situated in the center of the island. Here you will find sand, stones, mountains and hot springs, but also lots of wind and snow. Most of this part of Iceland is actually a desert and that's why

My primary goal when preparing this Icelandic trip was to see, live, enjoy and photograph some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world. But when you see how rich the Icelandic wildlife is, there is no choice but to enjoy it the same way. I already wrote earlier that Iceland is a paradise for birdwatching. However, when I wrote that I had not yet seen what I have seen the four last days in Snæfellsnes

First real contact with human society since our arrival. Today, we will visit Reykyavík, the capital of Iceland (200,000 inhabitants in total with Reykjanes peninsula, which means about half of the country's population!). As usual, weather changes from a minute to the other. We are in t-shirts when the sun shows, but put back the winter coat once clouds and rain come back. However, visiting the city has been pretty nice, though pretty short. The

Golden Circle : this term has been invented by tourism marketing and is existing since motor cars showed up in Iceland. It is used to describe a short tour that can be made within a day, showing Iceland attractions as Geysir, Gullfoss and Þingvellir (pronounced Thingvellir). And to be honest, this is by far … not the most interesting places in Iceland :). I wanted anyway to speak a little about it and show you what