After a short stop in Tromsø, we have to make a detour to Kiruna, the closest Swedish city : the lock of the starter of the car is broken and makes it difficult to start the vehicle. This is a good occasion to buy provisions of food and alcohol for a decent price. Once Kioki is fixed, we hit the road again to the Great North! We drive through the infinite roads of Finnmark, the northernmost

Those who have read my previous posts on The North Way already know that. There is a love story between Lofoten and me. This is the third time I come here and certainly not the last : so much wonders and ambiances in such a small place can easily change a man. Landscape in summer is quite different from winter as you can expect. However, some places are easily recognizable and it is quite funny to say

We first met them on the parking lot of the Norwegian Arctic Polar Circle. This is the kind of vehicle you can not miss : a red german car with a satellite receiver, a couple of different antennas, a whole mess attached on the roof and dozens of home made stickers with the name of people that helped them, giving some money for the trip. Marc and Izabelle left Grasse, France to reach Cape North and

After Trollstigen's surprise we have the need to leave for a more genuine place. Røros seems to be an interesting opportunity : Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980, Røros is pretty famous for its mining past and the remaining traditional wooden houses standing here. It is almost night when we arrive and the magic happens almost instantaneously. I am not afraid to say that this village is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful towns in

There was a place I loved during my first road trip in Norway. I remember at this time weather was terrible. We were driving on this road without being able to see much apart from the strange silhouette of some rocks and vegetation. After something like 20 minutes the road becomes steep and winding and between the rocks a huge waterfall can be perceived. We came back to the same place the following morning. Weather

Since I came back from Iceland, I do not see the world with the same vision. Everything on this island is so unbelievable that most landscapes here in Norway seem tasteless, even sometimes boring … (Please don't beat me! :P). That is what I call "The Iceland Effect". This last week, since the wonderful stave churches episode, I have had much difficulties to find photographic inspiration. It was like lost. Every place, despite it's undeniable beauty,

As we drive through the magnificent roads of Telemark, Norway, we feel something totally different from before. Something warm. Something that was definitely missing in Iceland. Of course I do not speak about temperatures -- although definitely warmer --, but we can feel in Norway some kind of comfort. I therefore suspect the infinite pine forest dotted with traditional wooden houses surrounding us to be responsible of this feeling. Unlike Iceland, Norway is a country full