Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … In this Saturday morning of December, a day without clouds (finally!). I decide to be courageous and get up early, around 9:30 … , to take some pictures of sunrise-sunset. Outside, weather is not especially cold. After a few minutes of walk, I open my coat. I’m starting to really get hot. Dammit! is that the famous Arctic winter!? After something like a one hour walk, I finally arrive to my favorite destination on the island of Tromsøya: the area around Telegrafbukta. I know that here I can find good spots to take pictures because I’ve

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … A few days ago, I was contemplating a gorgeous sunset through the window of my office. It was the second time that I was disappointed I did not have my camera equipment along with me. Walking something like half an hour, morning and evening, with several kilos on my back, under the blizzard and by a temperature of polar freezer… don’t you think it’s normal that I don’t

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … Today we are going to take the cable car which leads to the top of the mountain overhanging Tromsø and contemplate the landscape illuminated by the warm colors of the last sunbeams. We are December 20th. Today the sun will show for the last time before a long and cold arctic winter… We head toward the summit following footprints formed in the snow. This day is really beautiful. Which means