Since I came back from Iceland, I do not see the world with the same vision. Everything on this island is so unbelievable that most landscapes here in Norway seem tasteless, even sometimes boring … (Please don't beat me! :P). That is what I call "The Iceland Effect". This last week, since the wonderful stave churches episode, I have had much difficulties to find photographic inspiration. It was like lost. Every place, despite it's undeniable beauty,

As we drive through the magnificent roads of Telemark, Norway, we feel something totally different from before. Something warm. Something that was definitely missing in Iceland. Of course I do not speak about temperatures -- although definitely warmer --, but we can feel in Norway some kind of comfort. I therefore suspect the infinite pine forest dotted with traditional wooden houses surrounding us to be responsible of this feeling. Unlike Iceland, Norway is a country full

The pressure is unbearable -- not really actually :) --. Photographic equipment has been checked, baggages are almost ready, (crappy) food has been bought in large quantities. A short night of sleep and we should be on the road tomorrow morning for 2000 kilometers during three and a half days, driving through France, Germany and Denmark. The final point will be Hirtshals, from which we sail to Iceland after a quick stop in Tórshavn, Faroe islands.

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … Almost 200 years ago, on may 17th 1814, the Norwegian constitution has been signed granting Norway its independence towards the Swedish crown. Since then, every year Norwegians celebrate this day as the Norway's national day. Something very interesting about it is its very non-military nature. Most of the parade is made by children, students and associations. And the result is a really happy and positive day. As you can expect

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … If you did not read them yet, here are the links to dag I, dag II and dag III. Enjoy! ;) View Larger Map Call to arms! We are under attack! The vikings are here to loot, burn and rape! Ho, wait a minute … I am dreaming. Well, not really. After a first part of the night hearing the confessions of a drunk man through the slim walls of

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … If you did not read them yet, here are the links to dag I and dag II. Enjoy! ;) View Larger Map This morning, my alarm clock did not ring … as usual. I guess I really have a problem with them! However, I wake up around 6:30. A quick look through the window and here am I, running to the car. I remember that place I saw yesterday from which I could