Those who have read my previous posts on The North Way already know that. There is a love story between Lofoten and me. This is the third time I come here and certainly not the last : so much wonders and ambiances in such a small place can easily change a man. Landscape in summer is quite different from winter as you can expect. However, some places are easily recognizable and it is quite funny to say

We first met them on the parking lot of the Norwegian Arctic Polar Circle. This is the kind of vehicle you can not miss : a red german car with a satellite receiver, a couple of different antennas, a whole mess attached on the roof and dozens of home made stickers with the name of people that helped them, giving some money for the trip. Marc and Izabelle left Grasse, France to reach Cape North and

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … If you did not read them yet, here are the links to dag I, dag II and dag III. Enjoy! ;) View Larger Map Call to arms! We are under attack! The vikings are here to loot, burn and rape! Ho, wait a minute … I am dreaming. Well, not really. After a first part of the night hearing the confessions of a drunk man through the slim walls of

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … If you did not read them yet, here are the links to dag I and dag II. Enjoy! ;) View Larger Map This morning, my alarm clock did not ring … as usual. I guess I really have a problem with them! However, I wake up around 6:30. A quick look through the window and here am I, running to the car. I remember that place I saw yesterday from which I could

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … If you did not read it yet, here is the link to dag I. Enjoy! ;) View Larger Map My alarm clock has been set to 5 AM … and did not ring. But I went to bed so excited about the sunrise's lights that I wanted to exploit for my photographs, that I naturally woke up around eight (ok, it's not 5, but it is pretty unusual for

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … 5 years ago, during summer 2007, I made with my other half and Kioki -- yes, our car has a name! ;-) -- my first road trip through Scandinavia. We were still living in Aix-en-Provence, France, though we drove through France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and then arrived in this country which since has become our new home: Norway. That was my first contact with this country and since