After a month and a half stuck in my bed and a few weeks of rehab because of a sciatica, this last weekend has been a good occasion to start a harder rehab. Along with my fellow photographer Daniel Paravisini, we decided to go trekking in the Vercors Regional Natural Park in order to climb Grand Veymont, its highest summit. The program was: a 1000m difference of height to be climbed in three hours, around

A few days after leaving to Mongolia, my girlfriend and me decided to have a weekend together in Ardeche, a beautiful region of France. As we walk down one of the main streets of the little town of Aubenas, a singular vehicle calls us out. A parabole, stickers everywhere and a lot of antennas standing on its roof… Of course! This is probably the car of the Aubenas-Lapland expedition we spent a day with in Lofoten