From North Norway to Russia lays a vast and wild territory in which winters are among the coldest of Europe and summers, although being short, are renown for their lot of bloodthirsty insects. A territory whose inhabitants have been living with and from a sacred animal called reindeer and are proud of their history. Although you might know it under the name of Lapland, Lappland or Laponia --which are pejorative terms-- this territory is called

The pressure is unbearable -- not really actually :) --. Photographic equipment has been checked, baggages are almost ready, (crappy) food has been bought in large quantities. A short night of sleep and we should be on the road tomorrow morning for 2000 kilometers during three and a half days, driving through France, Germany and Denmark. The final point will be Hirtshals, from which we sail to Iceland after a quick stop in Tórshavn, Faroe islands.

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … Sámi people, which you might know as “Lapps” (pejorative term!), are an indigenous people of northern Fenno-Scandinavia also called Lapland. This nation is made up of many tribes who officiate mainly in fishing, trapping and reindeer herding. In collaboration with our blogging friends from Gluk, we have created for you an illustrated article on the Sámi history to make you discover this really interesting culture from the north… Who are the