It has been two weeks already since I left the frozen ground of Finnish Lapland. I would be a liar to say that coming back in France had been easy. After such an experience I think everyone would need to take a little bit of time in order to get used to city life again. Then, after two weeks of good food and good wine (French style readaptation therapy), I finally decide to write this

After more than two months of Kaamos, he is shyly coming out again. His warm lights illuminate the frozen textures of lake Muddus and turn its ice and snow carapace into an amber colored playground. The fine layer of frost covering the thick snow over the lake crushes under my feet. I sink knee-deep into it and every single stride becomes a challenge. The large breaths I take feel like little razors sliding into my lungs but the

After the pathetic and frustrating aurora hunt we had yesterday, tonight will be the occasion for a pleasant   and traditional meal from my home country, a good old raclette whose caloric surplus will certainly be useful for the forthcoming days. I decide to go look for my new photographer colleague, Jamie, sitting in the pub and sipping a pint of Lapin Kulta, the famous Lapland beer (brewed in Poland…). "Nothing to see tonight despite

Sometimes events turns out differently than you expect, possibly in a quite funny way; the kind of event which is usually not enjoyed in the present but can carve indelible memories into your mind, memories that are enjoyable to share with friends over a good glass of wine/beer/--choose your favorite drink-- … Tonight, Jamie, an English photographer I met in Inari, proposes to me that I join him for an aurora hunt. I accept his offer

There are days like that when you don't really want to go out. Tiredness surpasses everything else and the only envy you feel is to huddle in a warm and comfortable bed. I am falling asleep when my cellphone rings. Belinda, one of my mates, invites me to join the troop : Northern lights are here! "Pah, still these faint greenish clouds" am I mumbling… Since I am arrived, the only auroras we have had the

Darkness. Snow. Ice. Cold. Here are the words resounding in me every morning when I wake up, words that make me think about these frozen lands that fascinate me so much. They are part of the undefeatable pillars shaping the minimal winter landscapes year after year in northern Finland. Yet, sometimes an intruder splits up (find synonym) this perfect balance, an immaterial force able to transform this haven of peace into a glacial hell …

Yesterday was the winter solstice. The sun reached its lowest altitude at the horizon. It was the shortest day of the year; which means very little light here, in Inari. Unfortunately I have not been able to immortalize this instant because of the persisting cloud cover over our heads. However, today seems really promising with its cold temperature and wind freezing our faces instantaneously. I have been observing the sky with envy. These shiny golden tones