Time flies. We started to explore Icelandic grounds one month ago, already. We now have to sail back to Denmark but before, let's stop halfway between Iceland and Norway and visit Faroe Islands. Faroe Islands compose an archipelago of 18 islands and are a self governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark. However the main language here is not Danish but Faroese, a language rooted in Old Norse, pretty close to Icelandic. But as well as

The pressure is unbearable -- not really actually :) --. Photographic equipment has been checked, baggages are almost ready, (crappy) food has been bought in large quantities. A short night of sleep and we should be on the road tomorrow morning for 2000 kilometers during three and a half days, driving through France, Germany and Denmark. The final point will be Hirtshals, from which we sail to Iceland after a quick stop in Tórshavn, Faroe islands.