Sunrise on a beach in the Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Break These Misconceptions

When I travel through unknown territories, I often have misconceptions about the place, some kind of biased impressions about landscapes and atmospheres, leading me to a certain disillusion. In order to adapt to novelty and its inherent photographic potential, I then have to go through a ‘mourning’ phase in which I break these misconceptions, opening my mind to a brand new universe.

Sunrise over a village in Dingle Bay, Ireland

That’s actually what just happened to me in Ireland. Anchored deep inside my mind, the idea I had about this country was far from reality. While the deep fog and rain from the last days fade away, days pass without any envy to make pictures. Inspiration is definitely missed at this moment. I start to feel a bit depressed and this reminds me of this feeling I had last year in Norway after an indelible Icelandic experience, a true photographic revelation. In order to get out of this creative lethargy I force myself to an early wake-up to benefit from the sweet morning lights, in a place I am not especially tempted by. Waking up is certainly difficult (when motivation is not here …) but salutary. I begin with a few classical shots, quickly followed by more abstract ones (sometimes even hazardous). Photograph after photograph, the old imaginary vision of Ireland shatters and gives place to a huge potential, far away from this stubborn idea of a green land that obsessed my mind and limited my creativity.

Sunrise on a beach in the Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Rainbow over a beach in the Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Little by little, discovery after discovery, I totally get rid of this prejudice that was tormenting my muse and give place to a fresh new look on the rich variety of landscapes edging the west coast of the land of leprechauns.

Slea Head coast, Dingle Bay, Ireland

It has now been a week and I am finally able to realize the incredible diversity of wilderness in this area which, in a passed imaginary world, used to be recapped only as a green moor and some rugged cliffs beaten by an unrelenting sea – a cliche, in my humble opinion, shared among most of us. Ireland is not only that. Heck no! Ireland is much more than we can imagine – and I just roamed through a tiny part of it so far. I am already in a hurry to see what’s next!

Seagull flying over Slea Head, Dingle Bay, Ireland

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