Fine art landscape photography of full moon of the morning in Inari, Finland during arctic winter

Arctic Light, Northern Moonlight

One thing that fascinates me over the arctic circle is the light. Once the sun does not rise anymore, once the arctic winter has begun, this light lasts no more than a couple of hours but these short moments are blessed by truly unique colors. Pink, orange, yellow, blue, green (northern lights)… Now take every one of these “major” tones and try your own mixes : a little bit of yellow, a pinch of orange and let’s say … a good whack of blue. Let’s mix everything, put it in the oven and wait for an instant …

Fine art landscape photography of reindeer footsteps over a frozen lake during sunset in Inari, Finland during arctic winter

However, I discovered these last days another marvel of the great north : the morning moonlight. It happened on a frosty morning. We are driving to Kotiniemi’s farm, where we spend most of our days taking care of the animals. I suddenly feel attracted by this orb of night staring at me, draped in her orange coat. I already saw her dressed that way, but something more is happening here. She’s playing hide and seek with the trees and each time she deigns to appear, wrapped in this infinite soft blue sky, softened by the hazy remains of dying clouds, my eyes and soul get caught as under a spell. I can not stop the car right here, right now. It would not be fair to let everybody wait for me until I finish catching this unique moment in time. I shall be patient, lights do not change fast that far north and I will probably end up with the same light in a few minutes. A few minutes that seem like infinity to me, although we quickly arrive. I grab my gear, run to the closest lake — Kotiniemi could be translated as ‘peninsula home’, whence the lake — and discover this wonderful little island floating on the ice. In this moment, a sweet relationship with the northern moonlight is about to start…

Fine art landscape photography of full moon of the morning in Inari, Finland during arctic winter

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