A Print for Nepal

Last Saturday, while browsing my facebook timeline, I saw a message from my friend Suzan : “We are safe but many people died and big houses fell down in Kathmandu” along with a photograph of the kids of his orphanage and his family outside. They spent the following nights there, under a sole canvas sheet, as many other people did in Nepal, … maybe the “luckiest” of them considering what happened.

It is still hard to me to realise what has just happened. Among my travel experiences, Nepal was the place that made me evolve the most as a human being. The kindness and respect of the people I met and shared precious moments with, be they from the city or the countryside, rich or poor, transformed me.

So in these hard times I want to give back something to them. That’s why I decided to raise funds. The concept is simple: buy a fine art print of one of my photographs of Nepal from the blog, the facebook page or even the portfolio. The integrality of the benefits will then be transferred to Karuna-Shechen, a humanitarian organisation founded by Matthieu Ricard, and directed towards their relief efforts to help earthquake victims in Nepal.

Do not hesitate to spread the word. I hope that we will be many to support this cause, be it through this print concept or by giving directly to the concerned organisations (which you’ll find a non-exhaustive list here). Only the result matters.

Thanks so much for your help!

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