Documentary photography of orphan children in Nepal

A Nepalese Orphanage

Nepal, home of the highest summit in the world and of the spectacular Himalayan mountain range; an example of natural beauty. But behind the shining image of snowy mountains hides a darker truth. Beyond these shining diamonds live people that are fighting everyday for their survival, barely earning what is needed to feed themselves. Then, many children are abandoned every year because of the impossibility for their parents to take care of them.

Extreme poverty, health problems, prostitution, prison, forbidden marriages … These are only a handle of the possible causes that might push a family to the terrible act of abandoning a children. But whatever the reason, some persons give their life in order to help these doomed children, to give them all the chances they need to succeed in life. Among these saviors, I have been lucky to meet Suzan and Anita.

A Nepalese Orphanage | Kathmandu, Nepal

A couple of months ago, Suzan and Anita chose to sacrifice their life to help some of these orphans. So they decided to open an orphanage. In order to do this, they invested all their savings and even more. While most of the people of their age having a decent job decide to buy an apartment or a house, a security for their future, Suzan and Anita think of their orphans, their children, first. House rent, scholarship fees, balanced diet, furnitures and cloths, … These are only a part of the usual expenses they have to face every month when, their wallet already being empty, they have to ask for help to friends, family or to demand a delay in the payment, which is a cause of frequent conflicts between Suzan and his father.

Money is actually not the only problem they have to face. Although it has already been abolished, the casts system is still existing in the mind of some Nepalese people and it is the cause of many difficulties Suzan and Anita meet during their processes. Then they have to multiply efforts in order to obtain what they need for the well being of the seven children under their protection.

Their fight, as difficult as it is, pays off. The final exam results of the children have been pretty good and seeing them working and playing in their room or outdoors in the garden makes one think that although all the difficulties, it is a great success.

Unfortunately, if they do not reach the ten children quota in their orphanage within a few months, they will have to close it down. “In the worst of the cases, we can make it last a few more months, but afterwards it will not be possible anymore” confesses Suzan. They are then facing a new problem : being able to host three more children in the following months. “But how can we do? We have no money to buy beds, blankets, cloths, …”. Ordeals are accumulating for Suzan and Anita, but I truly trust their future success.

If like me you wish to give them a hand in their fight and give these children a chance by helping them humanly, financially or materially, feel free to check the orphanage’s website and contact them. They will be very happy to answer to your questions.

Suzan and Anita, I wish you the best of luck. Your fight is worth it! :)

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