Last Saturday, while browsing my facebook timeline, I saw a message from my friend Suzan : “We are safe but many people died and big houses fell down in Kathmandu” along with a photograph of the kids of his orphanage and his family outside. They spent the following nights there, under a sole canvas sheet, as many other people did in Nepal, … maybe the “luckiest” of them considering what happened. It is still hard to

Some people may disagree with me, but I don’t think shooting all the time is the best way to improve our vision. It’s quite a recurrent advice though and I agree that the more we shoot, the more our skills will improve — to some extent. However, I do think it is sometimes important to forget about the camera and let our mind breathe and focus on something different. Don’t get me wrong. Going for a

In these days of pixel-peeping, I kinda feel like photography enthusiasts are more interested in the sharpness of their shots than in making an interesting photograph. I’ll tell you a secret: a good photograph is not good because it is sharp, but because it has a soul and raises an emotion. And as crazy as it may sound (sarcasm), blurry photographs can have a soul too (reality)! It drives me mad when I see photographers getting