Yesterday was the winter solstice. The sun reached its lowest altitude at the horizon. It was the shortest day of the year; which means very little light here, in Inari. Unfortunately I have not been able to immortalize this instant because of the persisting cloud cover over our heads. However, today seems really promising with its cold temperature and wind freezing our faces instantaneously. I have been observing the sky with envy. These shiny golden tones

Kaamos: The polar night, period of darkness north of the Arctic Circle when the sun does not rise over the horizon. I love mornings like this one. Sky is clear and wears his deep blue cover. Soon it will get lighter and pale yellowish tones will try to warm up the freezing air we breath in a desperate attempt. The sun has not risen yet. He will not rise today. Kaamos still rules with majesty on these

One thing that fascinates me over the arctic circle is the light. Once the sun does not rise anymore, once the arctic winter has begun, this light lasts no more than a couple of hours but these short moments are blessed by truly unique colors. Pink, orange, yellow, blue, green (northern lights)… Now take every one of these "major" tones and try your own mixes : a little bit of yellow, a pinch of orange