Heck, time flies! It has already been two weeks since we returned home. Yet, I have not posted the conclusion of this trip. Shame on me, it is time to catch up! For fun, let's start with some stats for this trip : 26,000 more kilometers on the clock 96 days of wandering 7 countries crossed (8 if we include Faroe Islands) 11,000 photographs taken, representing around 125 GB of data 2 flat tires 18 liters of the cheapest red wine available 18

This wonderful trip is unfortunately getting close to the end. We left Finland under the storm and reached the Swedish coast for the last hundreds of kilometers in Scandinavia. However I do not want to leave before seeing once again this Scandinavian beauty that already fascinated me five years ago. This time the beauty has not been created by mother nature. This time, the beauty is … a city. Yes, you read well, a Scandinavian