Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … The biggest solar storm since 2005 occured on January 22nd, 2012. It will arrive on earth two days later. This storm follows the eruption of the 19th which we enjoyed with the beautiful northern lights of last weekend. So we won’t miss it under any circumstances! On January 24th, in the second part of the afternoon, we start to organize the hunt on the company's chat: “Someone’s going to

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … Yesterday I was a lucky man. Not only I witnessed one of the best shows that Earth has to offer and at the same time I realized one of my dreams. Saturday, January 21st: If you have learnt your lesson, you already know it is the day when the sun comes out for the first time, each year, in Tromsø :) That day, we were able to contemplate this magnificent show. A few hours later, some of my colleagues saw the famous Northern Lights. According to the forecast, this was a good day

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … Today is January 21st. Do you know who is back in Tromsø on January 21st? To find the answer to this question, we decided to gain altitude and to try to meet Him. We take place in the usual cable car. Once up there, we face those always surprising and somptuous polarlights. Today, no clouds on the horizon but it’s really cold, an icy wind is blowing and freezing us. It might sound amazing but we are not yet used to the cold temperatures. Last few days, temperatures

Originally published on The North Way, my previous blog … If you did not read it yet, here is the link to chapter I. Enjoy! ;) Like every photography week end, I need to wake up "early" to shot the arctic lights : - 10:30AM, the alarm rings. OK, this is the first ring, I still have time … - 11:00 AM, I finally get up and quickly eat a breakfast before starting the soon traditional 45 minute walk to my favourite beach. Streets are snowy and sidewalks pretty icy. Few people are walking  in the streets. It